Increase Engagement and Improve Retention

Deliver an engaging onboarding workflow to each new hire that focuses on accentuating the company culture, supporting employee development and articulating job role expectations to drive engagement, productivity and retention.

Streamline your employment contract management, complete background checks and introduce online induction programs.

The Onboarding Module features an integrated app store and you can move your employments contracts online and use the DocuSign plugin to digitally sign and store contracts.

As the platform integrates with your payroll you can build your own custom forms which can write employee data into payroll systems.

Your Manager Dashboards feature real-time tracking and reporting on the progress of all new staff onboarding workflows.

Onboard tracking

Manage Contracts and Highlight Company Culture

PowerHouse allows you to build unlimited onboarding workflows that can relate to roles, type of workers and locations. Manage contracts with the inbuilt integration with DocuSign. 


The onboarding workflows can feature pages that highlight your company culture, history and leadership. The pages showcase videos, images and animation. Additional pages can to provide information on the job role, reporting lines and expectations.

Complete Background Checks & Upload Compliance Records

Capture your new worker’s background and reference checks as part of customised onboarding workflow for your business. The PowerHouse App Store features a range of background checks, psychological tests and workplace suitability assessments that can be added to your workflows to collect critical job role data from new employees.

There is also the option to collect the compliance certificates and licenses that relate to a specific job role during the onboarding workflow. All data from the pre-screen, selection process and onboarding workflows is stored in the user’s Workforce Profile which can be viewed by their managers.

The Digital ID for your Team

Complete Online Induction Courses

The custom onboarding workflow can be further enhanced by adding a job role induction program to help drive engagement and productivity in your workforce.

Your administrators use the Upskilling Module, to design job role specific inductions with online courses that are published on the platform. Our easy-to-use editor allows you to add streamed video, images, audio files and assessment to create an engaging learning experience for your new staff and contractors.

In addition to building your own induction courses, you can build custom induction programs by licensing our WH&S courses. The outcomes of the induction courses are published to the personal Workforce Profiles for each worker.

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