Performance Management with Dynamic Succession Planning

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform publishes personal Workforce Profiles that track and report on job performance.

Managers can assess and verify the level of job skills and validate the upload of compliance records.


The Workforce Wallet drives success planning in the Private Talent Pools. As new jobs are posted, employees with matching skills and experience are discovered and tagged as a candidate

Upskilling in a New Job Role
workforce compliance reports

Real-Time Group Performance Analytics

The Manager Dashboards produces a series of workforce analytics including group performance data. The group performance data displays job role adherence to assigned skills and compliance records.


Managers can select members of their team and view their individual job role skills and compliance performance. The data and visual reports can be accessed from all mobile devices to help with the operational aspects of your business.


Managers can download a series of data-based performance and job role reports.

Real-Time Individual Performance Analytics

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform tracks all staff members with personalised job role performance dashboards.

Your team are prompted to start the process by completing a self-assessment of designated job skills. During probation and appraisal sessions, Managers can assess and verify the skill level of each ability.


A dynamic skills gap analysis and a compliance gap assessment is also produced for all job roles. Managers can add appraisal notes to all Workforce Profiles.

Real-Time Skilling Performance Analytics

In addition to monitoring Job Role Performance, the Manager Dashboard presents an aggregated view of the team’s progress through all training activities (courses, events and webinars).


The dashboard features a Training Leaderboard that displays group leaders who have completed training. Workforce insights are monitored and the percentage of positive responses is presented.


Selecting a team member presents individual skilling performance analytics.

Real-Time Workflow Performance Management

As part of the performance management monitoring, the PowerHouse Workforce Platform presents a visual report on the workflow activities.


The workflows include pre-screening and onboarding plans which capture and record user data, self-assessment skills and compliance uploads.


General Workflows can be customised and assigned to employees and contractors as part of an appraisal process in collecting specific information and reviews.

Onboard tracking

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