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Manage your administration, documentation,
tracking, reporting and delivery of online courses,
training programs, events and webinars.

"Managing our staff compliance and upskilling has never been
so easy! Finally software that automates our workflows."

How we help:

Talent 1Learning Management System

Build unlimited courses, add tests and surveys, import your courses or edit our extensive course library to manage your compliance and upskilling.

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Talent 2Groups and training records

Replicate your payroll groups or add your own groups. Assign managers to track progress of team members and view individual training records.

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Talent 3News and communication

Publish news to all training groups, review automated alerts and reminders, integrate Slack and allow managers to mentor their teams with messenger.

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Talent 4Event and webinar management

Create and promote your face-to-face training with our event manager or create unlimited webinars and assign to your training groups.
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Talent 5Reports and smart data

Create your own reports or generate data from our Report Library. Managers view individual and team visual reports to monitor progress.
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Talent 6Policy and document management

Create your own categories and publish key documents and policies. Assign specific documents to groups and track download access reports.
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Managing, monitoring and reporting


PowerHouse Talent manages the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online courses, training programs, events and webinars. The data generated builds visual data maps on compliance, risk and capability and the powerful reporting engine produces real-time reports on all aspects of your human capital.

PowerHouse Talent continues to set the benchmark for Learning Management Systems. The software was awarded as a global Top 10 LMS in 2017 and 2018 and awarded as the top HR software in 2019.

Automating administration workflows

PowerHouse Talent streamlines the once tedious and time-consuming administration tasks performed by your HR team and managers.


Administrators can set expiry dates on courses with email reminders to help employees complete courses on time. Administrators can also assign annual refreshers and all users receive reminders to complete the courses.


Workplace alerts can be set for essential tasks, such as re-uploading new certificates, the release of new courses or the publishing of a new policy or event. Smart manager dashboards prioritise and schedule tasks for your leaders to manage their teams.


Unrivalled customisation and features


The multi award-winning PowerHouse Talent allows you to:

■  use preloaded courses and surveys to build meaningful employee data
■  create unlimited courses and training programs or import external courses
■  automate individual Training Records with certificates for all employees
■  create multi-tenant groups to reflect your department or payroll structure
■  publish events and webinars to assist with talent development
■  allow managers to track their teams from all connected devices
■  publish your own employee surveys and view real-time results
■  customise your dashboards with modules, widgets, content feeds, surveys etc.
■  post news, polls and surveys to individual groups
■  publish policies, documents and files and assign them to groups
■  communicate and mentor your users with group message boards
■  generate real-time reports to monitor progress or build your own reports
■  manage GDPR and privacy management
■  access the platform via automated web apps on all connected devices
■  fully integrate with your HRIS, payroll and CRM (SSO and APIs)

Comprehensive set of customisable modules

  • Course Publisher
  • Event Publisher
  • Webinar Manager
  • News Editor
  • Document Library
  • Training Program
  • Certificate Manager
  • User Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Survey Manager
  • Competency Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Settings Manager
  • File Upload Manager
  • Reports Manager

Seamless integration with PowerHouse products

wheel-compliance (2)

Talent allows you to be an effective employer, as you capture the learning process and ensure your employees are reaching professional goals and performing to the best of their abilities.

Prior to this, PowerHouse Onboard helps you set the bar for performance expectations and the recognition of professional goals through an effective onboarding process. The Onboard platform ensures your new hires will obtain the right knowledge, skills and behaviours required to effectively function within your organisation.

This doesn’t apply to all potential candidates. That’s why PowerHouse Select assists you during the recruitment process, giving your organisation the opportunity to select the right individual, based on advanced candidate ranking with AI technology. Once you’ve found your potential gem with PowerHouse Select’s AI candidate ranking, help them become leaders of the industry with a highly customisable qualification portal.

PowerHouse Certify provides new and engaging ways to develop your team of highly skilled employees, and ensures the production of quality work from the early stages of employment. While employees are flourishing in the workplace, your organisation’s overall performance increases.

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