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Powerhouse Select identifies the right person for the right job based on job match analytics, compliance and skills profiles and work readiness assessments to enable faster access to talent.

We integrate with your current recruitment software to deliver a world-first in screening and pre-qualifying your candidates.

Extensive candidate profiling, publishes job match analytics and AI recruiter insight scores to support informed and non-biased talent selection.

Driving your recruitment selection success

Candidate Pipelines & Workforce Wallets

View ranked Candidate Pipelines with job match data in Workforce Wallets.

Weighted Recruiter Insights with AI

Automate the read-and-rank of candidate CVs to produce AI recruiter insight data.

Job Match Scores & Work Ready Shields

View customised job match scores & Work-Ready Shields to assess skills & compliance.

Shortlists, interviews and Talent Pools

Shortlist candidates, view video interviews, add to pools and set interviews.


Assess talent in ranked Candidate Pipelines

PowerHouse Select generates a dedicated Candidate Pipeline for each job post and Talent Pool. Applicants are presented in a ranked order based on alignment to the job description.

The Pipeline presents the high level data analytics for the job role. Data includes the number of applications and the candidates that have completed pre-screen and onboard workflows.  

To assist with shortlisting the right person, the recruiter can view the following datasets for each candidate:

Recruiters can adjust ranking criteria, view availability, filter by talent pools and create Private Lists to shortlist and interview.


We auto-rank your CVs with Recruiter Insights

We generate evidence-based job role data on each candidate to help you find the right person for the job.

We guide and support your candidate selection process with dynamic CV job match scores, job skill assessments, pre-screened compliance data, dynamic ranking tools, online interviews and automated messaging.

We re-build the CV into a single format to feature a talent summary, skills ID to job role, a list of previous roles and a documented work history for easy review and assessment.

All candidates are ranked according to their weighted job score which reflects their correlation to the job description. Hiring Managers can use the re-ranking tools to modify the job criteria and view the new candidate rankings.


Filter with keyword
Job Match Scores

In addition to weighted Recruiter Insight, we produce accurate keyword matches to the position description. This data is presented as a Job Match Score for each candidate.

You can generate specific questions that relate to the job role including polling candidates on their experience, skills, management level and compliance.

Candidates complete the questions and file uploads as part of the pre-screen and Job Match scores are generated.

job match scores
work ready shield


Assess Job Readiness in Work-Ready Shields

When building your Job Roles, add core skills, compulsory compliance elements and the mandatory credentials required for the role. This data is presented in the Work-Ready Shields.

As part of the application, the candidate completes the pre-screen workflow which includes uploading skill evidence, and uploading compliance and qualification files. 

The Candidate Pipeline presents the status of the Work-Ready Shield for each candidate. When shields display 100%, the recruiter knows they are compliant and ready to roster.

The Work Ready data is added to the Candidate’s Workforce Wallet and travels with the worker. The recruiter can select the wallet to view the files to ensure they valid.


Manage communication, interviews & shortlisting

PowerHouse Select offers unrivalled efficiency and automation in the area of candidate communication, interview and shortlisting management.

Your hiring team can add notes on each candidate, message them and book and manage interview sessions with all data and messages stored against the candidate profile.

Drag and drop your candidates into dynamic shortlists. Drop down menus download CVs and assign to talent pools. 

Selecting a successful candidate automatically moves them to payroll groups and onboarding can be assigned seamlessly.


Drive internal selection in Private Talent Pools

Build Private Talent Pools for existing staff, contractors, job seekers and trainees in the My Workforce section of the program. 

Post jobs to the Private Talent Pools to discover talent with automated profiling and ranking to the job description. 

Your current staff receive an alert that they matched to a current job post and they can apply with a single click.

 Introduce dynamic succession planning and staff mobility by allowing your teams to upskill to new roles with dynamic screening.

Improve career progression, retain your talent and reduce the time to hire with your profiled Private Talent Pools.


Shortlist candidates with smart pre-screening

Use pre-screening data and CV job matching scores to find, shortlist and hire the right person. Remove unconscious bias and streamline the hiring process with predictable datasets that relate to candidate match and suitability to the job role.

Remove unconscious bias and streamline the hiring process with predictable datasets that relate to candidate match and suitability to the job role.

Pre-screening workflows collect data from your candidates and publish personal workforce wallets. Data includes self-assessment of job skills, compliance file uploads, personal data and more.

shortlist candidates

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