Talent Pool Sourcing and Profiling

Powerhouse Source manages the build of your talent community with integrated access to job boards and private and public talent pools. To help you find the right person for every job, we pre-qualify all of your candidates.

We provide you with new ways to find your talent with inbuilt pre-screening of candidates, referral programs and community and managed talent pools.

New Ways

To Find




Candidate Workforce Wallets

Pre-screen your candidates in Talent Pools
to view skills and compliance data.


Private Talent Pools

Find candidates for your open job roles & use
Private Talent Pools to foster future talent.


Trainee and Graduate Talent Pools

Connect with our community based Talent
Pools to find your trainees and graduates.


Contractor Talent Pools

Source your pre-screened and job-ready
contractors from contingent workforce pools.


Build future talent sources with Private Talent Pools

When enabled, PowerHouse Source adds significant functionality to PowerHouse Recruit by adding the ability to add Private Talent Pools to your recruitment platform.


Your hiring managers can create their own categories and build unlimited talent pools to reflect your business structure. You can create private talent pools by work type, location, role or experience level.


You can fill your private talent pools with targeted job ads to cater for future talent needs. The software managers permissions from candidates to store their CVs to be assessed against future jobs. 

Expand your Talent Community

Add pre-screening to your Private Talent Pools

In addition to adding candidates to your talent pools, you have the option of pre-screening your applicants against set job profiles in your private pools.


You can pre-qualify your candidates in your talent pools by collecting data on their job skill levels, compliance records, location information and availability.


In addition to building private talent pools for existing staff, contractors and casual workers, you can view the size of talent pools from the Recruit dashboard.  


We find your workers with our Managed Talent Pools

We Create – harnessing people and technology to build pools of talent exclusively for your organisation.


We Curate – once built, we proactively manage your pools of talent using our advanced tech to screen, assess, onboard and manage your talent pools. Tech is important but we also factor the ‘human touch’ into our model to optimise the talent experience.


We Transfer – once you are ready we can transfer the private talent pools to be managed internally by your HR or talent team.

managed talent pools

We connect you with graduate talent pools

We understand that building your future workforce requires a wide range of talent and experience. We partner with universities and training colleges to provide career pathways for their students.


By connecting with our Graduate Talent Pools, we allow you to offer work experience, work placement, and permanent and casual jobs by posting the opportunities to these pools.


Students and trainees who have completed a pre-screen workflow in a graduate talent pool will be discovered by your postings. Weighted job match scores and profile matching will be published in PowerHouse Recruit for every student.


The partnerships with educational institutions also involves the provision of micro-credentials to help upskill your existing staff.   


Source in our contractor workforce talent pools

As part of our Public Talent Pools we can offer pre-screened and work ready contractors in our Contingent Workforce Talent Pools.


After subscribing to the Contingent Talent Pool, your hiring manages can post a job for a contractor to your private talent pools, your job boards and our public pools. All candidates are streamed into one location to streamline your hiring processes.


Through our talent community partner network we can provide compliant contractors ready for work. We can also provide payroll, billing and rostering services if required.


Source seamlessly through your Job Boards

Our talent community includes the ability for you to post jobs to your selected job boards. We offer seamless integration to your job boards to all your hiring managers to post a single job to one or multiple job boards, a selection of your private talent pools and your public talent pools.

The power of our platform is that all candidates and discovered applicants are channelled into the single job post and are ranked as total group or ranked within their talent pool or job board.

Benefits and Features

Powerful and innovative feature set designed to transform the way you manage your workforce

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time job role analytics with skills-gap-analysis, compliance level and retention scores

Talent Pools

New ways to source and deliver succession planning with pre-qualified pools of candidates.

Talent Retention

Drive retention with engaging recruitment and onboarding with upskilling for career mobility.

Smart Selection

AI recruitment with automated job match scores, dynamic talent ranking and selection.

Suitability Screening

Custom pre-screening workflows to record job skills, compliance and suitability assessment.

Job Role Compliance

Workforce Profiles that store real-time job role compliance data and uploaded records.

Rapid Onboarding

Customised onboarding with company content, background checks and induction programs.

Job Role Skilling

Employee workforce profiles that deliver job role upskilling programs with skills verification.

Job Readiness Shields

Dynamic shields with real-time tracking of a worker’s skills and compliance job readiness.

Workforce Insights

Real-time visual data on each worker monitoring sentiment, satisfaction, net promoter and retention.