Hire the Right
Person Every Time

Use pre-screening data and CV job matching scores to find, shortlist and hire the right person. Remove unconscious bias and streamline the hiring process with predictable datasets that relate to candidate match and suitability to the job role.

Use Candidate Job Role
Skills Assessment to Shortlist

Create a job role skills matrix and assign this to a PowerHouse job role ad. When a candidate applies to the role, they are prompted to provide additional information to be considered for the position.

The candidate completes the pre-screening workflow and provides a self-assessment on the listed job skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced). The job role assessment data is presented alongside the CV and provides evidence-based data to enhance their selection process.

Assess Candidate Compliance Records and Files

When creating the job role on the platform, your admin can add the specific compliance records, credentials and licenses required for the role. As part of the job application, the candidate is automatically prompted to upload the required compliance files.

During the selection process, hiring managers can then review each candidate’s job role compliance level, job role assessment data and the CV with job match weighting data to ensure that the right person for job is shortlisted.
The Digital ID for your Team

Pre-Qualify Candidate
with Smart Profiling

PowerHouse Hub removes unconscious bias and provides multiple streams of validated data together with the CV weighted rankings to help your team make informed choices on future talent.

The platform Ai automatically profiles the candidate data for traineeship eligibility and provides this assessment and information on the financial incentives to the hiring manager.

Inbuilt communications and assigning to talent pools complete the candidate profiling and shortlisted applicants are instantly scheduled for online or face-to-face interviews. Additional compliance and skills data and workplace suitability assessment and inductions are delivered in custom onboarding workflows.

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