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The Future of Work

Powerhouse Work Ready delivers engaging onboarding workflows, manages job role compliance and continuously upskills your workforce. 

Job role performance is dynamically monitored and real-time analytics drive succession planning and workforce development.

The software monitors and verifies job role skills for each worker and generates company-wide analytics on a skills gap analysis to guide future training investment.

Continuous upskilling of your teams

Rapid Customised Onboarding

Create personalised and job centric onboarding flows with forms, background checks and inductions.

Job Role Compliance Management

Create compliance profiles for all roles and collect file uploads with expiry dates and real-time monitoring.

Re-skilling and Upskilling

Build job roles with core skills & deliver personalised training programs to upskill and track development.

Workforce Wallets for Workers

Personalised job role profiles with real-time monitoring of skill acquisition, compliance, wellness & succession plans.


The digital job skills and compliance worker ID

The PowerHouse Workforce Wallet is the unique feature of our platform. The Workforce Wallet is created dynamically for all employees and contractors to become a single searchable worker job skills and compliance database for your company.

Build your job roles on the platform and assign core skills, compliance records and credentials to each role. Assign one or multiple job roles to your workforce and the Workforce Wallet produces a dynamic assessment of job skills and compliance.

As the employee or contractor completes a pre-screen and onboarding workflow, all compliance and job skilling data and records are uploaded automatically to their wallet. 

Managers can verify job skills during appraisals and when the worker completes a safety screening or renews an existing compliance record the wallet is updated and managers alerted. 

Job Readiness Shields are published to allow workers to be rostered and the skills gap analysis reports underpin the performance and succession programs.


Build stunning onboard workflows

PowerHouse Work Ready allows you to build unlimited onboard workflows to match job roles, office locations and work types (i.e., employees, casuals and contractors).

The intuitive Onboard Editor allows you to add an extensive range of features and tasks to your workflows. These include:


Add background checks & upload compliance files

Capture your new worker’s background and reference checks as part of customised onboarding workflow for your business. 

The PowerHouse App Store features a range of background checks, psychological tests and workplace suitability assessments that can be added to your workflows to collect critical job role data from new employees.

All data from the pre-screen, selection process and onboarding workflows is stored in the user’s Workforce Profile which can be viewed by their managers. There is also the option to collect and manage the expiry dates of the compliance certificates and licenses that relate to a specific job role during the onboarding workflow.


Increase engagement & improve retention

Deliver an engaging onboarding workflow to each new hire that focuses on accentuating the company culture, supporting employee development and articulating job role expectations to drive engagement, productivity and retention.

Streamline your employment contract management, complete background checks and introduce online induction programs.

The Onboarding Module features an integrated app store with third-party products to manage background and visa checks, suitability assessments, interviews and online contracts. 

As the platform integrates with your payroll you can build your own custom forms which can write employee data into payroll systems. New hires are automatically synched with your payroll systems as part of the onboard workflow.

Your Manager Dashboards feature real-time tracking and reporting on the progress of all new staff onboarding workflows.


Verified compliance records with expiry dates

Managing workforce compliance commences with data collected during the candidate and the new hire onboarding processes. All compliance records move with the worker and can be accessed by managers at any time.

Administrators can designate what files need to be collected during the pre-screen and onboarding workflows and a worker can upload a compliance file with expiry dates at any time for 360 compliance management.

Managers can verify compliance files by viewing digital records and if required annotate a record to validate that they viewed the original compliance document prior to uploading.

Workers and managers receive automated alerts that a compliance record is expiring and the worker is prompted to upload the new file and dates into their workforce wallet.


Integrated background and work visa checks

In addition to collecting compliance records, the pre-screening and onboarding workflows feature the PowerHouse App Marketplace for third party app integrations.

These apps provide you with the option to add background checks, work rights checks and qualification checks to your workflows.

You can customise your pre-screen and onboard workflows with your custom integrations to allow you to subscribe to our partner apps or integrate your own apps.


Job Role upskilling and re-skilling

With the workplace transforming, personalised training programs manage the upskilling of your teams to match the demands of their current and future job roles.

PowerHouse Work Ready delivers continuous job role skilling for your workforce to ensure that they have the expertise and talent to perform in their role.

Build job roles and add core skills. Assign the role to staff and a customised job skills dashboard is published to their profile to guide and monitor their professional development.

Produce online training courses and publish events & webinars. Tag skills to the training activities to dynamically build job skill profiles for your workers. Managers verify job skills and talent is automatically discovered in succession planning talent pools.


Add your job frameworks with skilling plans

Use the Framework Module to publish your own collection of job roles specific to your business. Assign job skills, compliance and credentials to each job role.

Assign the Job Frameworks to your employee groups and the job upskilling program is automatically featured on their dashboard and showcased in their Workforce Wallet.

Be creative. In addition to job roles, you can build a company or industry framework that your staff and contractors can complete to drive professionalism, skills and compliance


Personalised upskilling & workplace CPD programs

Your Workforce Profiles publish a personalised skill gap analysis for each employee or contractor. Managers receive alerts when a team member is assessed with a gap and your worker complete the micro-credential, course or webinar to update their profile.

PowerHouse Upskill has the flexibility to deliver workplace health and safety training, general induction training and specific Job Framework upskilling programs.

When you add the PowerHouse LMS, create upskilling programs as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) package which is featured on the profile and reported annually.


Assess candidate and new employee job skills

Personalise the creation of your own job roles by tagging core job skills to training courses and activities.

Create a set of self-assessed skills and apply to the role. During your recruitment process, these job skills can be added to the pre-screen workflow. Candidates assess their level of competency in each job skill and this data is used by your hiring managers to find the right person for the job.

After the employee has completed their self-assessment, managers, during probation periods and appraisals, can verify the level of skills in a progression graph in the Workforce Wallets.


Upskilling driving your succession planning

Administrators can assign unlimited job roles to a group to allow your workers to view their current role upskilling plan as well as subscribing to other job roles plans that fit their career pathways.

In addition to upskilling for their current job role, employees can create workforce mobility by completing the training, skilling and completing the compliance aspects of additional roles.

Hiring managers push job ads to staff talent pools to discover new talent from motivated workers looking for promotion and new opportunities helping the succession plan for your business.

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