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Customise your portal with our apps

The PowerHouse App Marketplace allows customers to personalise our platform and products with third-party apps, integration apps and PowerHouse extension apps.

The marketplace also features the PowerHouse Academy which delivers accreditation for your administrators to optimise your use of the PowerHouse Workforce Platform.

Personalise and extend the functionality of PowerHouse Workforce with the App Marketplace.

Apps to integrate with your tech stack

PowerHouse Extension Apps

PowerHouse Apps provide extended plugin functions and features.

Partner Apps

License Partner Apps to personalise and add functionality.

Data Integration Apps

Integrate with your payroll, LMS, HRIS, ATS, VMS to customise the platform.

Communication Apps

Add enhanced collaboration to the platform with Communication Apps.

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PowerHouse extension apps for new features

The App Marketplace features a range of PowerHouse Extension Apps that plug-in to the platform and products to add new features and functions.

A leading PowerHouse App is the Private Talent Pools Plugin that delivers dynamic succession planning, ready to roster pipeline and a talent discovery pipeline of internal staff for jobs and projects.

Subscribing to the Talent Marketplace through your communities is another key PowerHouse App that provides access to pre-screened and work-ready candidates.

The PowerHouse App library also includes the Talent Community Referral App that can be added to search and find candidates through the Facebook Messenger Application.


Power your platform with Partner Apps

The PowerHouse App Marketplace features a library of Partner applications that are integrated into different modules in the PowerHouse platform.

A range of Apps are integrated with the Workflows module to add functionality to pre-screening and onboarding workflows. These include background checks, visa checks, suitability assessments and digital signing apps including DocuSign.

The Twilio Authy App can be enabled to deliver multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your platform.

In the area of recruitment, Partner Apps include job board integration, video interview integration, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and VMS providers.

We integrate with Digital Badge Providers to enable customers to create custom training programs which publish to independent digital badges.

integration apps


Apps to integrate with your current tech stack

The PowerHouse App Marketplace features an extensive range of integration apps to allow your administrators to wrap the PowerHouse SaaS platform around your current tech stack.

The foundation integration Apps deal with identity management for our customers. These apps include Payroll Apps, LDAP (Active Directory) and SAML 2.0 (Single Sign-On) settings, SAP and Oracle integrations.

Additional PowerHouse Integration Apps and APIs support and extend the data analytics capability on the platform. In addition to the platform reports and visual data analytics, we offer integration apps to platforms like Microsoft Power BI, Workday and Success Factors. 

The PowerHouse Integration apps extend to the area of eCommerce. The platform manages the marketing and sales of online courses, webinars and events and the eCommerce Apps include PayPal and Stripe.


Apps to extend your communication

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform features an extensive communication and collaboration functionality including Mailgun for system emails and PowerHouse Messenger to deliver custom collaboration chat groups for your teams.

The PowerHouse Communication Apps that have been integrated into the Webinar Module include:


The PowerHouse Webinar and Event Calendar can be extended with iCal and iCalendar to integrate activities with external calendars.

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