Candidate Pre-Screening

Profiling and Pre-Screening your Candidates

PowerHouse Hub has revolutionised recruitment with the introduction of job role skilling, compliance and credential pre-skilling at the point a candidate applies for a job.

Instead of simply reviewing CVs to create your shortlist, PowerHouse automates the read & rank of CVs, creates a Job Match score and published a work-ready shield. 

Recruiters can view candidates in ranked candidate pipelines and use multiple datasets to shortlist the right applicants. 

Profiling & Pre-Screening your Candidates

Automated Recruiter Insights

AI CV Parsing to deliver a Recruiter Insight Score linked to job role.

Work Ready Shields --Ready-2-Roster data

Assign the key records, certificates, credentials and compliance files for the job.

Targeted Job Match Scores

Add weighted job role and experience questions to the recruitment process.

Candidate Pipelines with Talent Pools

Display all candidates in ranked order in alignment with insights & job scores.

Candidate Pre-Screening
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