Workforce Agility with Internal Talent Mobility

PowerHouse Mobility discovers skills and compliance in your workforce and has the capacity to move people to where    they are most needed. Optimising your talent is a key differentiator in activating the mobility value chain.

PowerHouse Mobility allows businesses to leverage its Private Talent Pools to respond to the needs of the market and business. 

Leverage your Private Talent Pools with dynamic skills and compliance discovery.

Mobility in Private Talent Pools to monitor & discover talent.

Drive Organisational Agility

Develop organisational agility with role-based and project-based mobility.

Dynamic Succession Planning

Access current talent pipelines for all positions in your organisation chart.

Improve Talent Retention

Deliver compelling career pathways to improve talent growth and retention.

Reduce Recruitment Costs

Recognising internal talent for recruitment, accelerates hiring and productivity.


Organisational Agility with Talent Mobility

Companies achieve organisational agility by investing in talent mobility which facilitates moving staff to new roles, projects and gig work.  

PowerHouse Mobility records compliance, skilling and workforce insights data into searchable workforce wallets. Discover talent instantly in your Private Talent Pools. 

Jobs roles, Projects and Gig Work can be posted to internal Talent Pools to find matching skills and compliance.

With a workforce made up of three distinct generations, managing expectations can be difficult.

The agility in Talent Mobility is critical to meeting the needs of your employees and ensuring they feel valued which drives retention.

Powerhouse Talent Discovery


Dynamic succession planning with upskilling

Hiring Managers can post job roles to Private Talent Pools to automatically discover talent in your workforce. Employees are alerted to the job match & apply for the role with a single click.  

View interactive organisational charts that present existing staff pipelines that match with the job role.

A culture that embraces continuous learning that increases leadership capacity is essential when building organisational agility. 


Career progression to improve retention

With the workplace transforming, personalised training programs manage the upskilling of your teams to match current and future job roles and projects.

PowerHouse Mobility delivers continuous job role skilling for your employee to ensure that they have the expertise and talent to perform in their role.

By allowing you workforce to be challenged and to refresh or develop new skills supports important retention strategies.

Employees can subscribe independently to a career pathway and the platform mentors the staff member with access to training activities and compliance uploads. 

developing workforce talent


Reduce recruiting and onboarding costs

The PowerHouse Private Talent Pools reduce recruitment costs by promoting hiring from within the company. 

Hiring Managers can post current jobs, project roles and gig work to the Talent Pools to reveal and identify employees with matching skills and compliance elements. 

Hiring Managers understand that internal recruitment accelerates the application, selection and hiring processes. Hiring from within can bypass many of the hiring and onboarding steps and costs incurred with an external hire.

In addition to reducing costs and time to hire, in-house recruitment boosts loyalty and engagement. Promoting from with sends the message that staff and valued and allows them to develop professionally.

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