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The Content Marketplace simplifies the set up of your portal with workplace courses, job role framework schemas and libraries of workforce insights to generate data on job performance and compliance.  

The marketplace also features the PowerHouse Academy which delivers accreditation for your administrators to optimise your use of the PowerHouse Workforce Platform.

Generate critical data on your workforce with our content. Monitor skills, compliance, performance and mental wellness

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Online Course Catalogue

Subscribe to our partner online courses or license the PowerHouse Course Library.

Workforce Insights Library

Stay connected with your workforce with real-time feedback and insights.

Job Frameworks Library

License job role frameworks with descriptions, core skills, compliance and job match.

PowerHouse Academy

Become accredited with the PowerHouse Platform with our videos and courses.

Training with sequential training programs


Upskill with the online course catalogue

With the workplace transforming, personalised training programs manage the upskilling of your teams to match their changing job roles.

Review and license courses in our catalogue from leading publishers. You can also customise and publish unlimited courses or import your own SCORM content.

Assign skill tags to all courses and assign to your job role frameworks to produce dynamic skilling profiles on your staff.

After licensing our course library, you have the flexibility to add these to sequential training programs and assign these to your continuing professional development (CPD) units.


Profile your staff with Workforce Insights

The Workforce Insights Module features a library of content resources that can be subscribed and assigned to your staff and contractors.

The Mental Wellness Library builds personal profiles on your workers and presents information and strategies on workforce anxiety, professional relationships, depression and promotion of well-being.  

Additional libraries generate retention data profiles by polling responses to employee satisfaction, sentiment check and net promoter scores.

The Workforce Insights are presented on individual dashboards and workers and their managers can view their results in real-time. Alerts and escalations can be configured to push critical to HR managers or senior executives. Data publishes to Workforce Wallets and visual and data reports can be generated as needed.



Job role compliance and skilling frameworks

Use the Framework Module in the PowerHouse Workforce to publish your own collection of job roles specific to your business. In addition, you can license our sector specific job role frameworks and use this content to monitor job role performance..

The Job Role Framework Library includes all jobs in your sector. Each job features a position description, list of core skills, list of compliance elements, links to Workforce Insights and customised pre-screening and onboarding workflows with content.

Assign the Job Frameworks to your employee groups and the job upskilling program is automatically featured on their dashboard and showcased in their Workforce Wallet.

Be creative. In addition to job roles, you can build project schemas and  a company or industry framework that your staff can complete to drive professionalism, skills and compliance.


Get accredited with PowerHouse Academy

The PowerHouse Academy features an extensive set of user guides, courses and instructional videos to deliver an accreditation program for your administrators.

The PowerHouse Workforce platform features a range of additional apps to extend the functionality of the application. Use the academy to view the extension modules and license these through the App Marketplace.

The Academy provides a step-by-step guide through the different functions on the platform and can be used for just-in-time training or part of an accreditation program. 

training on the powerhouse platform
data analytic reports


Content reports and workforce data analytics

The PowerHouse Content Marketplace offers a range content that is integrated and accessed across the PowerHouse Workforce platform. The content licensed in the marketplace, provides additional workforce data and reporting functionality.

The PowerHouse Course Library include assessment and surveys in all titles. When assigned to users in a group, the completed assessments are displayed in visual reports and the data can be exported in training reports by managers and administrators.

Assigning a Job Framework Content Library to a user builds the compliance and job profile for each worker. Licensing the Workforce Insights, overlays additional datasets across a users profile and these are monitored in individual Workforce Wallets.

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