PowerHouse Contractor Management

Source, recruit, onboard and upskill a compliant contractor workforce

The Powerhouse Contractor Management System manages your contingent workforce with sourcing, pre-screening, onboarding, compliance monitoring, upskilling and systems integration.  

PowerHouse Contractor integrates with your current technology and is configured to meet your specific business needs. 

Automating compliance and onboarding

Workforce Wallets with dynamic compliance

To store and search all licenses, insurances, safety checks and verified skills.

Sourcing, onboarding and upskilling

To automate recruitment, onboarding and upskilling of your contractors.

Safety induction and background checks

To automate contractor profiling with background checks and inductions.

Self-registration and compliance reporting

To register and report on the compliance status of your contractors.


End-to-end contractor management

The PowerHouse Contractor Management System is your end-to-end platform with compliance tracking, onboarding, license / file uploading, upskilling and reporting.  

Your contracting businesses can register on your platform and self-register their own workers in accordance with your compliance and skilling requirements.

Deploy as your standalone contracting platform or integrate with your current systems including proximity software, identity management and rostering systems.


Onboard with license uploads and tracking

The PowerHouse Contractor Management System features customised onboarding workflows that manage the collection of licenses and certificates based on job role.

The certificate and license uploads also include the automated monitoring of expiry dates. Reminder alerts are sent to contractors and managers to upload replacement certificates.

The compliance files are stored on Workforce Wallets which are tracked and verified by your safety managers. Visual and data reports are generated on the compliance level of a contractor or group of workers and showcased on manager dashboards.


Onboard with contracts and background checks

PowerHouse Contractor onboarding features an integrated app store to allow additional functionality in your workflows.

You can manage the digital signing of your contracts with DocuSign or add a simple digital signature page to your flows.

The system is integrated with WorkPro to manage your work rights, visas and background checks. The workflows can also be upgraded to include integration with your current apps.


Advanced reporting and onboarding analytics

The Contractor Management System features reporting and tracking dashboards for managers. Managers are assigned to groups and view the progress of all of their contractors.

The visual reporting schemas monitor the contractors onboarding and training activity and also presents an overarching dataset for the entire group. A manager can view a wide range of onboarding reporting data including:

  • Traffic lights to show not started, in progress, completed, overdue and failed onboarding workflows
  • Clickable traffic lights to display the users in each status group
  • Visual progress charts for all contractors in a group
  • Visual progress monitoring of group by time and completion

The manager can select a user to view their onboarding progress and assist with completion by posting and responding to questions and assisting in uploading documents and completing required tasks. Managers can also extend due dates.


Compliance Gap Analysis in Workforce Wallets

The personal Workforce Wallets are automatically generated for all of your contractors and are used to feature their uploaded and verified CV, compliance and credential files.

Contractors upload personal contact information and provide their availability to poll for opportunities, jobs and/or shifts.

The Workforce Wallet provides access to upskilling courses and programs and job skills are validated by managers and feature on the wallet with job role framework schemas.


Onboard with induction and safety courses

PowerHouse Contractor onboarding allows you to add online induction courses to your workflows. You can build or import your SCORM courses or license courses from our course library. The library includes over 80 titles in the following categories:

All onboarding workflows produce personalised and dated certificates that document the uploads and completed courses.


Customised onboarding workflows to match role

The Contractor Management System allows you to build unlimited pre-screening and onboarding workflows which can be customised for the job role, work type or location. 

Onboarding workflows can include customised forms, suitability assessments, background checks, digital contracts, file uploads, self-assessment of job skills, talent pools and induction courses.

The customised workflows can be assigned to specific work groups or job roles to personalise the onboarding experience. 


Contractor upskilling programs

The Contractor Management System manages the upskilling and reskilling of contractors prior to commencement or as part of their compliance or training on site requirements.

Build your own job role frameworks and assign core skills, add mandatory compliance files and specify credentials required for the role. Assign the frameworks to specific groups and all contractors view and complete the upskilling from their dashboards.

Managers can track the progress of contractor upskilling in visual and data reports.


Automating contractor recruitment

The Contractor Management System features the PowerHouse Community Portal which allows you to post jobs to all job boards and your Talent Communities.

A single contracting position is entered in the Community and the job ad is then shared through your sourcing networks. All applicants are channelled back into the single job ad and candidates are ranked with weighted job match scores and job profile match scores.

PowerHouse Community manages your interviews, notes, communication, shortlisting and links directly with rapid onboarding workflows.

automated recruitment software


Sourcing your workers with Private Talent Pools

Change the way that you source your contractors with web-enabled Talent Communities with Public Talent Pools.

Create your own Talent Communities and target local regions with current and future contracting positions.

Contractors can register and pre-screen for jobs. The pre-screening creates a Workforce Wallet for each worker with compliance records and skills. Contractors can also provide their availability which is tracked dynamically against future jobs. 

Your PowerHouse Talent Communities can be linked to your website, included in your social media recruitment campaigns and linked with local communities to source contractors. 


Integrated contractor payroll and timesheets

The Contractor Management System can be deployed with integrated payroll and timesheets to manage your outsourced contingent workforce.

Generate a single invoice to pay your team of contractors and allow us to manage the awards and HR compliance involved in the deployment of payroll and rostering for your team.

With PowerHouse Contractor, you can focus on your business, not payroll. Let us navigate the complexities of compliance including Single Touch Payroll (STP), payroll deductions, tax, superannuation and other third-party payments.


Integrate with your current technology

The Contractor Management System is a SaaS platform that is accessed from all connected devices. Contractors use Smart-phones to register and complete inductions and file uploads. 

The platform can be delivered as a hosted standalone portal or integrated with other contingent workforce apps. The platform features APIs to connect with your ID systems, proximity security systems, and all other applications in your technology stack.

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