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The PowerHouse Hub Channel Partner Program offers opportunities to strategic partners. Partners include tech companies, recruiters, education providers, consultants, training groups and course publishers 

The partner opportunities are usually offered as part of our marketplaces:

PowerHouse Partners

The PowerHouse Hub Channel Partner Program engages and rewards partners who provide value-added resources, sales channels and extend PowerHouse Hub’s reach into the marketplace. The program enable our partners to deliver solutions to our mutual customers and, in turn, drive higher customer satisfaction and new revenue streams.

Our Partnerships

Talent Marketplace Partners

Designed for recruiters & talent sourcing partners to place their candidates with our customers.

Content Marketplace Partners

Designed for course & digital content publishers to license their libraries of content with our clients.

App Marketplace Partners

Designed for platform and software companies that wish to integrate and sell in our App Store.

Affiliate / Reseller Partners

Designed for in-sector tech companies & consultants to white-label & sell our platform.

Talent Marketplace Partners

recruiters and talent sourcing Partners

The PowerHouse Talent Marketplace is an essential service connected with the PowerHouse Communities to deliver pre-screened candidates to our customers. 

We partner with highly experienced recruiters, immigration agents, training organisations and government employment services to provide candidates to PowerHouse customers.

Layer 26

Content Marketplace Partners

Course publishers and content writers

The PowerHouse Marketplace features a library of online courses that can be licensed and loaded into the PowerHouse Workforce Platform as part of the skilling or onboarding phases. 

Partners include sector based digital course publishers, digital course aggregators and digital assessment providers. Upload your course libraries to deliver sector specific content in compliance and skilling. Our customers license your content in the Course Catalogue.

App Marketplace Partners

tech Partners

The PowerHouse App Marketplace features a library of Partner apps which are integrated into different modules in the PowerHouse platform to extend the functionality.

App partners include tech companies in the following areas:

app marketplace
PowerHouse Recruiter Affiliate Program Overview

Affiliate and Reseller Partners

white label partners

The foundation partner in the PowerHouse Channel Partner Program is the Affiliate Partner. The Affiliate Partner is usually a member of the marketplace or company that sells workforce solutions to its clients.

The Affiliate Partner Program allows the partner to add their brand (and their tech or service) to the PowerHouse products. Revenue streams are generated by referral and/or firm sells of the software.

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