We Integrate with Your Technology
to Deliver Total Workforce Management

PowerHouse Workforce is a ubiquitous SaaS platform that galvanises and combines your current technology deployment to provide streamed workflows, centralised data and stunning user experience for your workforce and management.

HRIS & Payroll

At its core, PowerHouse Workforce integrates with your payroll and HRIS to ensure that any changes made in your payroll or HRIS system are instantly reflect in the platform. PowerHouse Workforce is a multi-tenanted platform that links seamlessly with the payroll group structure and the hierarchical group structure mirrors your current deployment.

Your workers can be member of multiple groups and you can assign managers to each of the groups to allow real-time monitoring of your teams at a daily operational level with visual data analytics of your workforce.

The integration is usually delivered via two-way API implementation with your systems. We also offer full LDAP, secure SSO and batch technology to ensure we can work with all of your systems.

Learning Management System Integration

As most businesses have deployed a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver their workforce training, PowerHouse Workforce delivers an integration gateway to incorporate your current LMS into the Workforce menu interface to deliver one single portal to your team. The integration is also supported with a SAML 2.0 secure Single Sign On.

Out-of-the-box, the PowerHouse Workforce Platform includes a comprehensive training platform which has been universally recognised in the Global Top 10 LMS and can be used to work alongside your current system or provide you with cost savings by transitioning your current LMS to utilise the full power of our platform.

Online Content And Courses Integration

The PowerHouse Workforce platform offers extensive upskilling modules which allow you to create your own training assets or to import your existing content directly into the platform. The Workforce platform is SCORM compliant which means that you can import your courses in SCORM format and all progress and completion data is automatically captured and stored against the worker for review and reporting. Due to our open standards and SCORM capability, we integrate with Go1, Lynda learning (part of Linkedin) and all other online course publishers.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The PowerHouse Workforce platform integrates with leading data analytics platforms such as Microsoft Power BI to transition the workforce data collected in our platform and enable this to be leveraged in existing data analytics platforms.

In addition, our platform works seamlessly with all CRMs and business intelligence systems including SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday and other Oracle and SAP deployments. We either consume the APIs on these platforms or customers use our APIs to deliver this integration. Our highly experienced integration teams can manage innovative and collaborative integration projects.

Payment Gateway Integration

The PowerHouse Workforce platform offers a range of modules that have been optimised with e-Commerce gateways. These gateways allow our customers to generate revenue from the platform using a range of PowerHouse modules. These modules include our online Course Catalogue, the Event Manager and the Webinar Manager and the PowerHouse App store. While we can support all secure payment gateways, the platform is deployed with existing integration with Stripe and PayPal. The integration includes binding these gateways to your bank and invoicing systems.

Recruitment Integration

The PowerHouse recruitment modules are integrated with Broadbean which means that companies that subscribe to Broadbean can automatically post their jobs seamlessly to over 100 of the world’s leading job boards.

The platform is also integrated with smart Ai and Sovern parsing technology to provide best of breed expertise as part of our reading and ranking of CVs in the Recruitment Modules.

E-mail and SMS

The PowerHouse Workforce platform as part of its operational excellence, delivers a series of alerts, reminders and messages as it monitors job role skills and compliance for a business. The platform has a deep integration with Mailgun to enable the sending, receipt and tracking of emails on the system.

The platform also supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Enabling this integration is an alternative to allowing our server to send emails on your behalf. If enabled, all emails sent from the system will be sent through the SMTP server that you configure in the settings. Engage our technical team to learn more about this integration as part of your platform deployment.
The PowerHouse Workforce platform is integrated with Twilio. Twilio is an SMS service that allows the platform to dispatch SMS alerts and notifications directly to a user’s mobile phone. Whenever an alert is applied to a user’s account it will also be sent as an SMS message if they have provided their mobile number in their profile. Contact us to learn more about enabling Twilio on your platform.

PowerHouse App Store

The PowerHouse Workforce platform features our integrated App Store which is designed to allow third-party tech providers to deliver deep with our system. A cross-section of our current App Store partner applications include WorkPro’s background checking assessments, Learning Vault’s badge system to deliver validated badges to your workforce, Care Advantage suitability assessments and Alcami’s online interview management system. Contact us to add your App into our store.

API Documentation

API Documentation technical document provides code and instructions on how to allow REST clients to push and pull data from the Powerhouse Hub platform.

The Powerhouse Hub REST API is protected by authentication. All administrators of the PowerHouse Hub portal has API access. Access is limited depending on your permissions throughout the Administrator Scheme you have been assigned.