The Workforce Wallet

The Digital ID for your Team

The PowerHouse Workforce Wallet is the unique feature of the PowerHouse Workforce and PowerHouse Connect platforms. 

The Workforce Wallet is created dynamically for candidates who have applied for a job role in their business. When the candidate completes a pre-screen all data, certificates and licenses are centralised in personalised Workforce Wallets.

When a new employee completes an onboarding workflow, all new data and uploaded files are added to the workers wallet. The wallet stores all compliance records, verified job skills and insights which can be accessed and monitored by Managers.

Workforce compliance management

Verified Compliance Records & Job Skills

The Workforce Wallet can be accessed on a computer and all mobile devices as an app.  Workers can simply take photographs of their licenses and certificates and upload directly to their wallet. 


The key features of the Workforce Wallet include:

– Records all compliance records centrally.

– Records searchable with dynamic reports.

– Real time tracking of compliance expiries.

– Monitors and verifies job skills by role.

– Publishes dynamic Skill Gap Analysis by role.

– Publishes a job readiness shield by role.

– Deliver job role upskilling programs.

Job Role Skill and Compliance Frameworks

The Workforce Wallet is linked to the PowerHouse Framework Module which allows you to create your own job roles and assign the skills, compliance and credentials to the role.

When linked, the worker can select a job role in the Workforce Wallet and start completing the training and compliance uploads set for the role. As part of our support of worker mobility, an employee can select future job roles and independently upskill for the role.

The Workforce Wallet showcases a real-time assessment and verification of the job role and publishes personal skills and compliance gap analyses.

Alerts are posted to help the worker complete skills and compliance requirement and a job-readiness shield is published.

workforce compliance files

Managing Workforce Compliance

The Workforce Wallet stores a worker’s compliance records and tracks the expiry date of each record. Automated alerts and reminders are sent to employees, contractors and their managers when a compliance file is set to expire.

Compliance records are uploaded by the workers or their managers during the pre-screening and onboarding workflows and throughout their employment.

Compliance records can be assigned to a job framework to drive company compliance. A series a visual and data-based reports can be downloaded to monitor individuals, groups or whole of company compliance.

Training Records and Skills Matrix

The Workforce Wallet maintains a real-time record of a worker’s training program including CPD. It records completed courses, webinars, events and training programs with completed certificates.


In addition to training, the Workforce Wallet produces a skills matrix on every employee and contractor. 


The skills matrix includes:

– Self-Assessed Skills (which can validated by managers).

– Training Skills (activities tagged with job skills).

– Verified Skills Evidence (file uploads to verify skills).  

workforce insights

Monitoring Workforce Insights

The Workforce Wallet monitors the attitude and well-being of each worker with the publishing of the Workforce Insights. 


Employees and contractors provide survey feedback throughout all phases of their employment and this data publishes to their profile. 


When a candidate completes a pre-screen and a new hire completes an onboarding workflow, specific surveys are posted to track their sentiment and satisfaction.


The Workforce Insights are featured on the employee’s dashboard and presents information on employee satisfaction, sentiment, initiative, risk profile and eNPS.


The Workforce Wallet aggregates all responses into a Positive Response gauge to all managers to monitor retention trends.

Workforce Analytics

The Workforce Wallet creates, stores and publishes workforce data on all employees and contractors.

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform Group Module publishes the teams and departments in your business. Managers are assigned to groups and access Group Dashboards to monitor and mentor their staff.

The Manager Dashboards feature aggregated data from the Workforce Wallet to show the team’s performance.

The Manager can view data on an individual or assess data at a group level in the following areas:

– Job Role compliance status.

– Job Role skills gap analysis.

– Training progress and analysis.

– CPD progress and analysis.

– Pre-screen, Onboard and Appraisal Workflow analysis.

– Workforce Insights trending data.

The data also presents a training progress and skill and compliance skills gap analysis for the group with filtered downloadable reports.

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