Effective Onboarding

Engaging employees with effective onboarding

PowerHouse Workforce delivers an effective onboarding that bonds new employees to the job and the company. They are connected with the company culture, co-workers and have a clear understanding of the job role expectations and workflows. 

New employees are more confident in their performance, contribute more quickly and have job clarity which all contributes to retaining your talent. 

Improving Retention and Time to Productivity

Understanding Company Culture

Add a CEO video welcome and include company values and executive structure.

Role Clarity and Orientation

Assign a Job Role Framework to the pre-screen & onboard to provide job clarity.

Induction Training & Retention Mentoring

Add induction courses, poll job satisfaction feedback & add online support groups.

Time to Productivity & Job Performance

Boost confidence for new employees to contribute quickly & perform in the job.

Effective Onboarding
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