Job Role Frameworks

Profiling workers with Job Role Frameworks

PowerHouse Hub has revolutionised recruitment with the introduction of job role skilling, compliance and credential pre-skilling, which is captured when a candidate applies for a job.

Instead of simply reviewing CVs to create your shortlist, PowerHouse automates the read & rank of CVs, creates a Job Match score and publishes a work-ready shield. 

Recruiters can view candidates in ranked candidate pipelines and use multiple datasets to shortlist the right applicants. 

Monitoring Job Skills and Compliance

Assign core skills to your job roles

Add self-assessed skills, knowledge based skills and verified skills to a job role.

Assign compliance elements to jobs

Add background checks, license and vaccination uploads to a job role.

Assign credentials to your job roles

Add essential qualifications, credentials and statement of attainment to a job role.

View Compliance & Skill Gap Analyses

Managers can monitor and view real-time compliance and skill gap analyses.

Job Role Frameworks
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