Upskill LMS

Smarter, Faster & Proven Workforce Training

PowerHouse Upskill manages your workforce training program with course publishing, event and webinar management.

The Upskill LMS offers multi-tenanted groups, CPD, e-Commerce, white-label branding, extensive reporting and integration with all payroll, CRM and HR systems. 

The Upskill LMS provides personalised Workforce Wallets to store all data and present job role skills and compliance analysis.

Driving compliance & job skills competency

Workforce Wallets with Training Data

To store and search all verified skills and training data on individual workers.

Events, Webinars and Courses

To implement extensive workplace training programs with full eLearning activities.

CPD Management Programs

To create CPD programs for job roles and monitor the achievement of targets.

Dynamic Visual and Data-driven Reports

To enable managers and admin to monitor the progress of team members.


Deliver job role training and compliance

Create your job roles and assign core skills, credentials and compliance requirement to the role.

Assign the job role training profiles to your staff groups and employees and they access dashboards that guide them through the upskilling and compliance programs.

Your managers can verify skills and validate compliance records uploaded by employees. They can view skill and compliance gaps at a team or individual level and view dynamic job readiness shields to monitor their development.


Customised mobile training dashboards

The Upskill LMS boasts a range of features to deliver customised dashboards for employees, contractors, managers, visitors and admin.

All modules can be enabled / disabled and the order of menus can be set. The names of menus can be easily changed to ensure that the LMS uses the language contextual to your business.

Dashboard widgets can be enabled for quick access to content and tasks. Dashboard banners, polls and surveys can be published to a group page. Groups can be branded and multiple managers can be added.

The platform is optimised for all mobile devices and is accessed as a phone / tablet app.


Face-to-face training on the Event Manager

The Event Module offer training manager a comprehensive event management program which is added to the employee and contractor dashboard.

Administrators can publish unlimited events, set presenters, venues, session times and number of attendees. After adding a description and category, events are assigned to specific work groups to ensure that workers only see what is relevant to them.

Employees can view event information or view the calendar to book upcoming sessions. Workers can register for events and a waitlist manages over-subscription. Attendance certificates are issued and the event is added to the Workforce Wallet. Events can be offered to customers and eCommerce can be added to generate revenue from your events.


Online training with the Webinar Manager

The Webinar Module integrates seamlessly with your Zoom and Go-to-Meeting accounts to allow you to run your internal and customer webinars through the Upskill LMS Portal.

The module allows you to provide a marketing and registration front-end to your webinars and assign them to your groups. You can also assign webinars to your Powerhouse Home Page for customers and partners to access your activities. We also offer eCommerce integration for you to sell webinar registration. The webinar module delivers your branded completion certificates and all data writes to personalised Workforce Wallets.


PowerHouse Content Publisher

The Upskill LMS features a comprehensive Content Publisher that allows you to build unlimited courses with rich media and assessment. Course building features include:

The courses and platform are W3C compliant, support open standards and deliver content with AA accessibility conformance.

multi-tenanted groups

Multi-tenanted platform with custom training

The Upskill LMS delivers a full multi-tenanted SaaS platform. Add unlimited hierarchical groups and sub-groups to manage your training and compliance management. Create groups dynamically from payroll systems, active directory or CRMs and add groups manually to build your custom group management plan. 

Assign specific courses, events, webinars, training programs, frameworks, news, documents, surveys and course catalogue selections to each group to create a unique experience for users in each group.

Add managers to each group to monitor and mentor the users in a group. Add a corporate brand to each group to deliver a franchised solution and add CPD points to a group to manage a continuing professional development program.


Job role frameworks with skills gap data

Use the Frameworks Module in the Upskill LMS to build job role schemas that include core skills, compliance and credentials required for the role. 

Assign courses, training programs, webinars and events tagged with skill outcomes to the framework to build a dynamic skills gap analysis for each of your employees or clients.

Add the ability for users to upload the required compliance and credential files required for each role and track and report on this dynamically.

Assign the key items in each framework to a Work Ready Shield that can be viewed by managers and administration staff that need to check compliance files before rostering users.

Connect job role frameworks to your recruitment. Frameworks automatically publish pre-screening and onboarding workflows and all data is recorded in personal workforce wallets.


Advanced reporting and training analytics

The Upskill LMS features dedicated reporting and tracking dashboards for managers. Managers are assigned to groups and view the progress of all of their team members.

The visual reporting schemas monitor the employee’s training activity and also presents an overarching dataset for the entire group. The data presents individual results on the number of courses, webinars, events and surveys completed and also graphs this data over a time period.

Each training type has its own dedicated reporting page which allows managers to track the completion of a course for a specific user. The system also tracks an employee by displaying personalised progress graphs.

The manager has access to an extensive set of data reports that can filtered by activity, date and groups and downloaded to be referenced off site. There is also the ability for the administrator view all users and create and save custom reports.


Manage your CPD programs

The Upskill LMS offers a comprehensive CPD module to deliver a high quality professional standards training portal.

When enabled, the CPD widget is featured on the employee’s dashboard and provides a real-time summary of their current CPD points mapped against the annual or quarterly targets.

Administrators can set unlimited CPD categories and assign target hours with start and completion dates with automated renewal periods. Administrators can also set CPD criteria by choosing points, hours or credits.

Admin can add CPD points to a course, event and webinar and progress is updated as the activities are completed.


Monitor staff with personal insights

The Upskill LMS is optimised for you to collect critical feedback from your workers on their sentiment and level of satisfaction with their job role. This feedback is collected is pre-programmed surveys which automatically score an employee’s positive responses. The Workforce Insight surveys include:

The insight data is recorded on the Workforce Wallet and features on the Manager Dashboard to allow them to track negative feedback and review trending data to address possible retention issues.


Skills & compliance data in Workforce Wallets

The personal Workforce Wallets are automatically generated for all of your employees and contractors and are featured on their dashboards.

As a course, event or webinar are completed, the activity, date and certificate are published to the Wallet Training Record for ease of access for the worker and their managers.

Workers can upload information and evidence of attendance at external events and after verification by managers, these activities are published to the Training Record.

When the Job Role Upskilling product is enabled, the skills that have been tagged to courses, events, webinars and training plans are published to display a user’s verified job skills.

In addition to training records, the Workforce Wallet also publishes the user’s Workforce Insights data which can be viewed by the worker and manager.


The PowerHouse course library resource bank

The Upskill LMS features a comprehensive online course library that can be pre-bundled with your platform. The library includes over 80 course titles in the following categories:

The courses are all developed on the Upskill LMS platform and are fully editable resources which allow you to update pages with your company information, compliance information, CEO welcomes, custom assessments and more.


Sell courses, events and webinars online

The Upskill LMS is optimised with eCommerce Marketplaces to sell your courses, events and webinars.

The LMS offers integration with the Stripe and PayPal eCommerce gateways which are linked directly to your bank to receive revenue from the sale of your training activities.

In addition to selling activities to your registered users, the LMS features the ability for you to publish an eCommerce marketplace to promote your courses, events and webinars to your customers.

The Talent Marketplace provides an activity tile for each activity with an image, title, description and price. 

All financial data is managed through the PCI compliant gateways and after a successful payment, our platform delivers access codes and invoices and receipts directly to the purchaser.

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