Workforce Skilling

Workforce Skilling and Continuous Development

PowerHouse Workforce delivers job role upskilling programs and reskilling programs to drive workforce mobility and agility.

Upskilling programs helps employees in developing additional skills to perform in their job role. Reskilling empowers an employee by learning a new set of skills in order to perform a different job or project.

Continuous skilling of your workforce is an essential investment to ensure that your business remains competitive in an ever changing business environment. 

Upskill and Reskill your Workforce

Upskilling new staff in induction courses

Assign online induction courses and programs to onboarding programs.

Job Role Personal Skilling Programs

Job frameworks feature job role skills (self-assessed, knowledge and verified).

Cont. Professional Development: CPD

CPD Continuing Professional Development programs assigned to job roles.

Project Role Training Programs

Build agile skilling programs to develop new skills for your project teams.

Workforce Skilling
Use Cases.

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