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Your PowerHouse Products are supported with a dedicated Service Level Agreement that delivers dedicated uptime, online resources and responsive technical support team.

Our deployment team manage the set-up of your portal, integration with your existing tech stack and the build of your workforce portals and talent communities.

PowerHouse Product licenses includes access to the PowerHouse Academy, our online product training portal. Your administrators login to the PowerHouse Academy to access user guides, quick start templates and instructional videos on all product features and functions.

Delivering support when you need it

Portal Deployment Teams

Our teams manage the customisation and deployment of your portal.

Technical Integration Teams

Our programmers integrate your existing payroll and systems with your portal.

PowerHouse User Guides & Academy

Access the PowerHouse Academy and user guides to answer all your questions.

Online Technical Support Team

If your experience technical issues contact the team for speedy resolution.


Deployment of your PowerHouse portal.

The PowerHouse Portal Deployment Team works on your project to set up your PowerHouse Workforce Portal.

As part of the deployment service, the team customise the portal with your stylesheet, logos and colours. 

They also work with your administrators to set-up your talent communities, public talent pools and internal talent pools.

The deployment team also provide a site handover service and introduction to the PowerHouse Academy and Product User Guides to facilitate self-management of your portal.


PowerHouse user guides & document downloads

The following PowerHouse Product User Guides, SLA agreement and customer license agreement are available for download. These resources will help you understand and self-manage your portals.


PowerHouse Academy instructional videos.

The PowerHouse Academy is a dedicated portal for your site administrators to access training videos and courses on how to use the PowerHouse modules and settings.

The PowerHouse Academy is presented as a series of courses on the different products and modules. Most training pages feature instructional videos with voice-overs to help understand and use specific functions to manage the portal. 

Login to the PowerHouse Academy with the following credentials: username: learner password: powerhouse 

SaaS integration


Technical integration with your tech stack.

When licensing a PowerHouse SaaS Product, companies have the option of deploying a standalone hosted portal or can integrate the platform with a single application or integrate the portal across their tech stack.

The most common integration service is the integration of payroll systems to synchronise users in the PowerHouse portal with their current systems.   

Other integration services include SAML 2.0 single sign-in with your current applications. We also offer LDAP, Active Directory, SAP and Oracle integration.

Another common integration service offered by our team is the integration of specific apps from the App Marketplace. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

we are here to help

Before you contact our service desk, please complete the following steps:

If you have a question about how our products function, please download the user guides or logon to the PowerHouse Academy to learn how to use the modules. If you have a technical issue only that you need to report, please contact our service desk technicians. 

Alternatively, you can send through your requests via email to [email protected]

Priority Level Description:


Major incident that critically affects the customer’s business operation. System often will be completely down. No work around available. Multiple users affected.


Incident resulting in severely degraded performance. High impact to business. Affects a large number but not all users.


Incident causing functionality to be reduced or performance impaired. Affecting only a small section of the business. Impact is low. Often work around is available.

P4 – LOW

Configuration or design advice required by the customer where there is no impact on the customer’s business. Affects low number or single users