Access All Areas: Using Workforce Analytics To Hold On To Your Aged Care Staff
Access All Areas

Like most of life’s cycles, an employee lifecycle has a beginning, middle and an end…

It’s no secret that the aged care workforce is currently facing some challenges at two very crucial stages of its employment cycle. Attracting and retaining the right employees in the aged care sector has been said to have reached ‘a critical point’, with industry statistics revealing a 25 percent turnover rate (Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA).

With changes abound for aged care organizations around the country, their goal remains unanimous to provide outstanding care to their clients. But this can only be successfully achieved with a stable workforce and at the moment many organizations are grappling with this essential undertaking.

As an employer in the aged care sector, you can only start building a committed and loyal workforce by listening to your people and by gathering insights into what your day-to-day-operations looks like. The most effective way for this to be done is via real-time data. Now is the time for leaders around the country to seize the technological initiative and start setting a new standard in the provision of exceptional aged care.

Getting to know your aged care workforce

The ‘getting to know you’ phase is a pretty critical one in any relationship, and many have thus ended badly due to a major error in judgement based on a severe lack of information.

The employer/employee relationship is like any other insofar as the more each party knows about the other, the better. Basic human nature.

Now more than ever, we rely on technology to provide us with all the information we need – even when it comes to getting to know our employees better. Thanks to the use of data-driven platforms designed specifically for your workplace, you can now create, maintain and monitor a holistic insight into all aspects of your talent pools and discover new ways to source, retain and carefully manage your aged care workforce.

Operating in an increasingly competitive climate, aged care organizations need to be at the cutting edge of this technology in order to survive. The only way to remain active and agile is by having access to accurate and up-to-the-minute insights into all aspects of operations, including your staff.

Let the tech do the talking

Getting past the honeymoon phase is always the challenging part in a relationship. But with chronic staff shortages predicted within aged care, solving the ‘churn and burn’ issue is paramount for organizations in the sector if they want to thrive, much less survive.

In a traditional sense, workers want to feel seen and valued by their organization. But antiquated methods of gathering information on who’s working for you won’t necessarily serve your future requirements, which at this crucial turning point, is holding on to your staff.

Data analytics provides a way of examining data sets to get a better look at your people and their workplace wellbeing in real time.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits data analytics deliver and how you can use it to get to know your staff better…

  • Analysis, not assumptions

We all know that when you assume something, well, it doesn’t usually end well.

By using predictive data and workforce analytics to gain clearer insights into your organization and your people and ‘making sense of them’ in alternative ways can be extremely powerful for you as a leader.

With platforms designed specifically for the aged care industry, you can create data sets at the pre-screening stage which all you to then publish real-time workforce data analytics on your staff at an individual, team, departmental or whole of company level.

Matching your people with the right job role is likely to save you time and resources and in turn, improve on the delivery of quality care to clients.

Generated on job role skills, competency and compliance, PowerHouse Hub’s platform combines pre-screening data with CV job matching scores which work in harmony to find, shortlist and hire the right person in an unbiased, super-streamlined process that takes the guess work out of hiring.

  • Capture a moment in time

Access compelling insights into your workforce with PowerHouse Hub’s data platforms that produce a ‘moment-in-time’ assessment of compliance, skills and worker perception into each of your job roles.

Stay abreast of your where your team members are in the big scheme of things when it comes to essential skills or compliance with workforce data that can be mapped over time and present the gaps which need addressing as they arise.

This snapshot enables you and your managers to support staff on their employment journey by assessing the quality of their succession planning programs. It’s a great ‘listening tool’ which provides a better understanding of where intervention programs need to be introduced to address any gaps.

  • The big picture

Your relationship with your staff shouldn’t end once their onboarding is complete. Gathering continuous, holistic workflow insights is vital for managers to get the big picture and improve working relationships when necessary.

Tasking the right people into the right roles is essential for professional development and day-to-day operational tasks like staffing and rostering can help with this.

Overworked employees could result in reduced quality of care and at the other end of the spectrum, if their skills aren’t being utilized, they may feel a lack of connection and engagement with the organization.

PowerHouse Hub’s Workforce Analytics Platform brings everything together for you. It gives managers real-time insights into rostering patterns, visibility into vacant shifts and staff wellbeing. With unlimited flexibility, it allows you to position your people better and create a positive shift in the dynamic of your team.

Work happily ever after

As a leader in the aged care sector, you need to adopt a fresh approach with a view to building a flexible workforce that’s able to accommodate the industry’s imminent changes. A tactic that ensures workforce-related data is current, meaningful and easily accessible for you to make informed decisions. Your reputation and longevity in the sector depend on it.

So, if you’re thinking about enhance and increase your employee lifecycle, now is a good time.

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