Vaccination Portal

Automated COVID-19 Mandatory Reporting

Vaccination portal for aged care providers 

Discover a better way to comply

with mandatory COVID-19 vaccination reporting

To help aged care providers meet compliance requirements for mandated COVID-19 vaccination reporting and reduce the admin burden on staff we are introducing a standalone portal to manage the uploads of vaccination records, provide company wide instant access and meet reporting requirements quickly and easily.

The portal has been designed specifically for aged care providers to help track and deliver real-time reports on employees vaccination status.

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Manage compliance risks, streamline processes and monitor vaccination status in real time

Optimised to deliver organisation wide deployment within 24 hours, the PowerHouse Vaccination Portal is here to make mandatory COVID 19 reporting more accessible without putting too much pressure on your resources :

Automated weekly reporting on your employees vaccination status in line with government requirements .

Digital vaccination shield for each worker  inside their digital Workforce Wallet.

Instant and easy access for all workers via a welcome e-mail to upload and verify their records.

Reminders and expiration date alerts to track 1st and 2nd dose .

Real time view of vaccination status for your facility or whole organisation .

Instructional course for your staff on how to locate and upload their vaccination records to fast track deployment.

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