Managed Talent Pools

Managed Talent Pools

On-Demand Recruitment Services

Powerhouse Managed Talent Pools provides you with real-time talent pools and recruitment services where we assist you finding permanent, part-time, casual, contractor and freelancer workers.

Our recruitment services include managing the payroll, billing, awards and rostering of your extended workforce.

Managed Talent Pools provide On-Demand recruitment services to find candidates in our Talent Communities. We also provide payroll, billing and rostering services.

Driving your recruitment success

Workforce Wallets for Candidates

Store and search all verified skills & compliance data on individual workers.

On-Demand Recruitment

Subscribe to Managed Pools to allow us to help find and source your talent.

Weighted Job Match Scores

Find the right person every time with weighted job match and Profile Matches.

Rostering and Payroll

Outsourced employment options to include payroll, staff demand and rostering.


We find your workers in our Managed Talent Pools

We Create – harnessing people and technology to build pools of talent exclusively for your organisation.
We Curate – once built, we proactively manage your pools of talent using our advanced tech to screen, assess, onboard and manage your talent pools. Tech is important but we also factor the ‘human touch’ into our model to optimise the talent experience.

We Transfer – once you are ready we can transfer the curated talent pools to be managed internally by your HR or talent team.


We find your workers in our Talent Community

We understand that building your future workforce requires a wide range of talent and experience. Our Managed Talent Pools include graduate talent pools from partner universities and training colleges.

By subscribing to our Managed Talent Pools, we pre-screen and pre-qualify our Graduate Talent Pools, to offer find a range of candidates looking for work experience, work placement, and permanent and casual jobs.

Selected recruiters underpin our Managed Talent Pools to combine their current talent sources (existing candidates, immigration job seekers and contractors) with pre-screened applicants from our Talent Community. 

The Managed Talent Pool Community includes trainees, job seekers, indigenous workers, employment services candidates, recruiter applicants and graduate talent pools.


Manage your extended workforce

PowerHouse Managed Talent Pools provides outsourced employment and real-time recruitment services from integrated Talent Communities. 

Talent Logistics: includes integrated payroll, billing, awards and outsourced employment. 

Talent Profiling: includes self registration for workers, setting availability, booking work, pre-screening, onboarding, job match and compliance.

Talent Management: includes rostering and staff demand, job profiling, reskilling and job role upskilling 

Curated Talent Pools: includes work ready curated talent pools, screening and deployment to deliver low cost recruitment services.


We can employ your extended workforce

As part of our On-Demand Sourcing Services, our Managed Talent Pool recruiter partners can be your Employer of Record (EOR) for your contingent workforce.

We offer Contractor Managed Systems and Freelancer Platforms integrated with payroll, award engines, billing and rostering functionality. 

Our recruitment services include sourcing, pre-screening, selection, onboarding and management of HR responsibilities. Our contingent workforce platforms enables us to engage and employ long-term contractors, part-time staff and daily or hourly casual team members to deliver on the needs of your workforce.


On-Demand Apps for workers, recruiters & clients

PowerHouse Managed Talent Pools offer a range of apps to streamline recruitment and workforce processes for workers, recruiters and clients. 

In the client app, you can raise job orders, post jobs and shifts, accept and reject candidates, view onboard status, approve timesheets, manage invoices and access our talent community.

In the worker app, you can search jobs and shifts, view and register for shifts and apply for jobs, submit timesheets, track pay history, upskill, update workforce wallet and CV. 

In the recruiter app, you can invite candidates to shifts and jobs from talent pools, pre-screen and onboard workers, approve timesheets, manage invoices, compliance and exception alerts. 


We pre-screen and onboard your workers

As part of our Managed Talent Pool sourcing services we create a Workforce Wallets for each worker to record and monitor job role skill verification and related credentials and compliance files with expiry dates.

All candidates are pre-screened as part of the job and shift application to ensure that members of your extended workforce have the expertise and compliance files to complete the role.

The data collection on the worker continues with their custom onboarding workflow. Background and visa checks, license uploads, security clearances, vaccination records and induction course completion data on stored on their workforce wallets. 

The Workforce Wallets feature Job Ready Shields that are dynamically generated to ensure that your contractor is work ready. The shields are polled in real-time before a worker can register for a shift or job to provide your assurance.


We manage your contractor workforce

As part of our Managed Talent Pools, we can offer pre-screened and work-ready contractors in our Contingent Workforce Talent Pools.

After subscribing to the Contingent Talent Pool, your hiring managers can post a job for a contractor to your private talent pools, your job boards and our public pools. All candidates are streamed into one location to streamline your hiring processes.

Through our talent community partner network we can provide compliant contractors ready for work that can be added to your payroll and rostering systems.

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