Talent Community

Take Control of your Talent Attraction and Sourcing

Launch your company Talent Community to expand and enhance your talent acquisition strategy. Create location-based Talent Pools to build an ongoing stream of pre-screened candidates to service your business.

Use the Talent Community, linked to your company website, to allow applicants to register to work for your business. Collect data on their location, job type, availability, skills, compliance and expertise.

Talent Communities are an essential part of your talent sourcing strategy with Talent Pools, job ads, pre-screening to create talent pipelines of applicants.

Empower your talent acquisition strategy

Attract your own Matched Candidates

Candidates register for work and apply for jobs on your own recruitment portal.

Build a Continuous Stream of Candidates

Discover talent via candidate searches and talent pool ranked candidate pipelines.

Job Match Scores & AI-Ranked CVs

View ranked CVs, job match scores & Work-Ready Shields to assess skills & compliance.

Job Role Pre-Screen Candidates

Collect data on job skills, compliance and availability stored in Workforce Wallets.


Fill job roles faster with Talent Pool Discovery

Change the way you source your people with web-enabled Talent Communities that you can build and link to your website. Candidates register in searchable Talent Pools that dynamically match applicants to your job roles.

Filter your candidates by job role skills, compliance, work readiness, availability, salary expectation, location and experience to find the right person for the job. 

Post jobs to your talent community, post jobs to your current job boards and social media, post to your recruiters and view all applicants in a ranked Candidate Pipeline.  

talent on-demand


Create a continuous stream of candidates

The Talent Community underpins your targeted sourcing strategy with the build of custom sites that feature your linked Talent Pools and candidate registration portals.

The flexibility in our technology allows you to create your Talent Community for your business structure and locations. These are are displayed on your Community Home Page to allow candidates to register and apply for your job roles.  

Your Talent Community can target on the geographic regions where you require workers. The portal can be added to your social media postcode targeted campaigns.

The Talent Pools which are added to your Community can be linked directly to job ads in that region. The Talent Pools are published with a unique URL to allow you to push a specific job role to a targeted location to source staff. 

Job seekers view your job ads and applicants are automatically to the Talent Pipeline for each Talent Pool.


Build Talent Pools in your Talent Community

Change the way you source your people with the Talent Community that you can link to your website, promote in your social media campaigns and target specific regions, down to the post code.

Add unlimited Talent Pools to your Talent Community to pre-screen candidates against your future jobs.

Post current jobs to your Talent Community to attract local applicants and pre-screen candidates centrally in talent pipelines.

source in your own talent communities
talent pools for job seekers


Candidates Register for Work

In addition to publishing Talent Pools with job ads, you can build your talent pipelines by allowing candidates to register to work at your organisation. 

Candidates can register their interest for a job role, and they will be automatically invited to apply for these jobs in the future.

When a candidate registers to work for your organisation they are added to your location and job role talent pools. This creates a bank of pre-screened applicants that can be offered jobs when they become available.


Add Talent Pools, Job Ads and Pre-Screening

PowerHouse Communities and linked Talent Pools, provide you with the competitive edge in sourcing talent for your workforce.

Publish current jobs to your Public Talent Pools and promote the job pathways to local regions to find candidates. When creating job ads, you can add a job specific pre-screen workflows to the job. The workflows collect critical information or data on your candidates to enhance your selection process.

Candidates view the job ads and apply by uploading their CVs. Our system then sends a personalised email to each candidate with a link for them to complete their pre-screening workflow.

The pre-screening data is published as a Profile Match Shield on the candidate profile in the Workforce Wallet. Hiring Managers use the Profile Match and the weighted job match score from the CVs to help with their shortlisting process.


View real-time candidate pipelines

The unique feature of PowerHouse Communities is the automatic build of Talent Pipelines for each of your Talent Pools.

When candidates apply for a job or register to work at your business, they complete your pre-screening workflows and their CVs are assessed against the job role. These datasets become critical in helping you find the right person for the job.

PowerHouse Recruit showcases a centralised Talent Pipeline from all of your communities, pools and job ads. Smart filters allow you to sort your talent pipeline and with all relevant data displayed we help drive your productivity and efficiency.

You can sort your pipeline by weighted job match scores, job readiness profiles and streamline your processes by selecting status, application stage and work preferences. 


Engage job seekers when they apply

The PowerHouse Community provides 

We proactively manage your new hires using our advanced tech to screen, assess, onboard and manage your talent pools. While tech is important in streamlining processes, we also factor the ‘human touch’ in our model to optimise the talent experience.

We are specialists in sourcing the right person for your job role. We offer a no-risk program with fixed fee placements when you employ our candidates. 

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