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The Future of Profiling, Recruitment and Work

The Powerhouse Workforce Platform pre-screens all candidates and builds searchable digital profiles for all workers. Delivers real-time monitoring of job skills and compliance. The dynamic profiling gives your business the edge with workforce mobility.

The SaaS workforce platform integrates seamlessly with your existing payroll, rostering & recruitment stack.

New Ways To Find and Upskill Talent

Pre-Screen, Onboard and Appraisals

Job role pre-screening, induction and appraisals

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Job Skills and Compliance

Job role skilling/compliance programs & tracking analysis

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Succession & Talent Match

Job role tracking with talent discovery in Talent Pools

Source and screen in talent communities

New ways to source talent in location-based talent pools


PowerHouse Connect Talent Networks

In addition to driving smart recruitment, PowerHouse Workforce offers a gateway to our Talent Marketplace which includes our recruitment and On-Demand partners.

To help build your talent acquisition portal, you can license Talent Communities to build your own location-based talent pools to enable candidates to register to work for your organisation.

Talent Communities provide new tools and workflows to find your future workforce. These tools and features include:

To learn more about how Talent Communities can become an essential part of your sourcing strategy, select the link below.

talent sourcing funnel


New ways to attract and source talent

PowerHouse Workforce builds your connected talent communities to attract and discover your future workforce.

The platform builds job role profiles that feature core skills and compliance requirements. The profiles which are linked to your job posts automatically collect this information in custom pre-screening and onboarding workflows.

Build unlimited Talent Communities, add talent pools and link job posts to the pools to attract workers in targeted locations. Our communities are linked to our Talent Marketplace to access pre-qualified and work-ready candidates.

We offer a structured workflow to attract, qualify, recruit, upskill and retain your workforce. The Talent Communities connect with talent in local targeted locations and rank CVs and pre-screen candidates. The talent funnel automates recruitment with weighted job scores and work ready shields. New employees are upskilled in job frameworks.


Profiling candidates in talent pipelines

PowerHouse Workforce provides simplicity and power in the management of your talent pipelines. Smart filters allow you to select candidates by job role, status and recruitment stage. Candidate data includes weighted job matches, job-ready shields, work preferences and availability.  

The platform offers unrivalled efficiency and automation in candidate communication, interview & shortlisting management.

Your hiring team can add notes on each candidate, message them from the platform and book and manage interview sessions.

Drag and drop your candidates into dynamic shortlists. Download CVs and assign to private talent pools. Selecting a successful candidate automatically moves them to internal payroll groups and onboarding workflows are assigned.

Talent On-Demand
talent profiling


Job skills and compliance candidate profiling

PowerHouse Workforce builds customised pre-screening and onboarding workflows that can be assigned to specific job roles, locations and types of workers.

The workflows feature welcome pages with text, video, images and customised forms to collect information. Add compliance uploads, background checks, vaccination certificate uploads, suitability assessments, induction courses and verification of core job skills. 

All workflow data and files are uploaded into personal candidate workforce wallets and this data is channelled into dynamic talent pipelines to support shortlisting and selection. 

When a candidate is offered a job, the candidate profile is automatically transformed into an employee profile and all workflow data and files is pulled into workforce wallets that can monitored by their managers.


CV weighted job match scores and ranking

We generate evidence-based job role data on each candidate to help you find the right person for the job.

PowerHouse Workforce allows you to upload a library of essential compliance and credential files. The Framework Manager build your specific job roles with core skills and compliance files. The portal guides the completion of upskilling and record collection.

Core skills and compliance files are added to Work Ready shields. The shield displays a worker’s real-time status to facilitate safe rostering or clearance for site access.

All compliance and credential files are added to the personal workforce wallets for each employee and contractor.

CV weighted job match
Private Talent Pools


Private Talent Pools to discover succession plans

PowerHouse Workforce allows you to create your own Private Talent Pools to host your existing staff profiles. You can create a Talent Pool layout that reflects your business staffing structure. 

You can create Private Talent Pools by job role, experience, work type (contractor, casual, full-time) or by location. Each pool can feature current profiles with weighted job scores and dynamic job readiness shields linked to the job role.

Hiring managers post jobs to their job boards and Talent Communities. They can also post the job to their Private Talent Pools to dynamically match existing talent to a new role.

The discovery feature in the Private Talent Pools, forms part of your real-time succession planning strategy. Your staff can upskill on multiple job roles and be identified in the talent pools.


Increase engagement & improve retention

Deliver an engaging pre-screening and onboarding workflow to each new hire that focuses on accentuating the company culture, supporting employee development and articulating job role expectations to drive engagement, productivity and retention.

Streamline your employment contract management, complete background checks and introduce online induction programs.

The Workflow Module features an integrated app store with third-party products to manage background and visa checks, suitability assessments, interviews and online contracts. 

As the platform integrates with your payroll you can build your own custom forms which can write employee data into payroll systems. New hires are automatically synched with your payroll systems as part of the onboard workflow.

Your Manager Dashboards feature real-time tracking & reporting on the progress of all new staff pre-screening & onboarding workflows.


Assessing candidates with Work Ready Shields

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform can pre-screen and assess a candidate’s job-readiness profile when they apply for a job role.

This assessment is achieved with Job Ready Shields which are automatically published when creating a job role framework. The framework features the specific core job skills, compliance files, vaccination records and credentials that relate to a job role.

The files and records are added to a job shields and this data is collected in candidate pre-screening and onboarding workflows. When a candidate applies for a job by submitting their CV, a workforce wallet account is created and the pre-screen workflow automatically appears on-screen. The candidates complete their application by uploading the required files and data.

The candidates CV is ranked against the job role and the completion level of the shield calculated. These datasets are presented in the talent pipeline and hiring managers can view rankings and data to help with their shortlisting and selection.

A candidate can apply for multiple role and the Work Ready Shields are calculated for every job role.


Job role upskilling and reskilling for succession

With the workplace transforming, personalised training programs manage the upskilling of your teams to match the demands of their current and future job roles.

PowerHouse Workforce delivers continuous job role skilling for your workforce to ensure that they have the expertise and talent to perform in their role.

Build job roles and add core skills. Assign the role to staff and a customised job skills dashboard is published to their profile to guide and monitor their professional development.

job upskilling and reskilling


Access data analytics in Workforce Wallets

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform records employee and contractor data in personal Workforce Wallets. When a candidate completes a pre-screening and onboarding workflow, the data is pulled into the employee wallet. 

An employee completes a course, responds to workforce insights or uploads a new certificate, license or compliance record and the data is stored and monitored. When an upskilling program is completed, data is recorded, and a work-ready shield is published. 

A worker and their manager can review their job role skills gap analysis and take actions to upskill and comply with the criteria. Managers can verify job skills, validate documents and view pending expiry dates to ensure that all workers are compliant.

The Workforce Wallet produces data analytics and trending information that applies to their teams or groups. This data is used to inform future investment and initiatives in workforce compliance, upskilling, retention and wellness.


We integrate with your technology stack

We understand that you have invested in a range of applications to support, track and manage your workforce. The PowerHouse Workforce integrates easily with your current deployment.

PowerHouse Workforce integrates with all ID management systems including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP.

The platform offers seamless integration with all payroll systems, CRM’s, HRIS’s, ATS’s and LMS’s. Workforce datasets can be consumed by Power BI, Workday, Success Factors, Bullhorn (pending), and other data analytic and recruitment apps. 

The PowerHouse Workforce App Store offers out-of-the-box integration with background check software, suitability assessment apps, rostering systems and apps such as DocuSign, WorkPro, PayPal, Stripe, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Teams, Mirus, Twilio SMS and Authy.

The PowerHouse Workforce API and SAML 2.0 provide additional integration options for our customers.

SaaS integration

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